The Mole


The mole is often confused with the vole due to habitat overlap and similar eating habits - Control methods differ for these three species; many people misidentify their target and often use improper techniques in their abatement efforts.

The home range of a single mole is very large in comparison to other burrowing animals such as the vole because it must cover a great amount of territory to meet its food requirements of up to 1.5 times its body weight per day. This large food requirement results in far fewer moles per acre than gophers or voles (the male mole may cover up to 20 times the area the male gopher may cover) and result in the creation of a vast labyrinth of feeding tunnels covering a large area, many of which will be very shallow, and create a ridge pattern on the surface. The mounds created by the mole from the creation of these tunnels are typically shaped like a volcano and can reach heights of up to two feet tall.

Moles are insectivores and most damage done by them to plant life is typically incidental rather than intentional (the exception being the Townsend’s mole, which is known to eat plants as well).

 moles do not hibernate, and are active throughout the day.


The mole pushes soil it expels from the burrow out onto the surface vertically through its tunnel: in doing so the atypical mole mound shape that resembles a volcano is formed. The damage the mole causes to plant life is in most cases incidental and unintentional as most moles are not vegetarians. The mole can cause a great deal of inadvertent damage to plant life while surface foraging because of its large home range. The ridge caused by the mole in its surface tunneling can often become extremely noticeable in a lawn when the grass raised by the ridge dies and leaves what appears to be a brown stripe or collection of stripes.

The mole also has been known to undermine sections of foundation or wall in the construction of its nesting chamber. These types of voids can cause foundation fractures and wall failure.

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