Wasp Nest £45.00p fixed fee .no limit on nests on the day also no vat ......

Wasps In contrast to the Bee,the wasp and Hornet can insert and withdraw its sting comparitive ease. the single wasp is therefore able to deliver multiple stings with ease this multi sting capacity suits its aggressive nature. GUILDFORD WAS CONTROL
  The wasp sting has a smooth outer
  easy To insert in and out of the victim.

  The bee sting has a barbed outer sheath
  which are like a fish hook easy to insert
  but difficult to extract .

Wasp Bee Hornet we control them Wasp Bee Hornet

The volume of venom deliverd by a wasp a wasp sting is much less than deliverd by a bee .depending on the type of wasp the volume can range from little as 2 micrograms to as much as 15 micrograms. Guildford wasp bee hornet control.
A Bee sting on the other hand is generally regarded as containing 50 micrograms. the difference
in volume is then illustrated by the fact that a single wasp can sting its victim a number of times
in succession.whilst a bee just has the one off sting. Guildford wasp bee hornet control
Another feature unique to the wasp and hornet is that the venom contains a pheromone which alarms all other wasps in the area and invites them to join the attack on the victim. Whilst one can see the evolutionary and defencive benifits of such a alarm system it is particularly worrying for the victim . Guildford Wasp Bee Hornet control
Wasp control bee control hornet control we will treat as many nests on the call out day for the fixed fee Wasp Bee Hornet control
We have a fixed fee on Wasp Bee's Hornet nest's year in and year out we dont encrease our price one fixed fee
a charge of £45.00p .with a no call back fee ,no limit on nests on the day .and no VAT
Wasp nests can be in the ground as well as having a wasp nest in the roof Wasps will seek any crevise possible to create a nest .Wasps are generaly very aggresive so please do not attempt to destroy a Wasp nest if you are unsure call us or anyone else to deal with the Wasp nest .

Call us on 07799060441


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